Testing WLW Plugin for WordPress.com

I’m trying out the “WLW Plugin for WordPress.com”, and so far it’s looking really good! Writing blog posts on wordpress.com is really slow, every update takes forever so windows based wysiwyg tool is just what I need. Since my blogs will contain lots of syntax highlighted of sourcecode, this plugin is a godsend!

        public static bool IsSubclassOfFromGenericType(Type givenType, Type genericType)
            if (givenType == null)
                return false;

            if (givenType.IsGenericType)
                if (givenType.GetGenericTypeDefinition() == genericType)
                    return true;
            return IsSubclassOfFromGenericType(givenType.BaseType, genericType);

If you’re using Windows Live Writer and WordPress.com, you might want to give this plugin a spin, I can warmly recommend it!


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Writes code in my sleep - and sometimes it even compiles!

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