Synchronizing a C# project with a Silverlight project

My tool sucks!

I just wasted a days worth of work. When I started coding Silverlight, I wanted to be able to synchronize my C# projects with my Silverlight projects – I wanted to make sure the same code was present in both projects.

There were no tools to do this, not any that I could find anyway, but there were ways of doing it by hand.

Fast forward to about two days ago, and I needed to synchronize Silverlight projects with C# projects again – and since I had already searched around, I assumed there were no tools to do this. Well, I was wrong. There are – now. Turns out, Microsoft have released a tool that does this. And it does it much better than my tool did.

So if you wish to Synchronize a C# project with a Silverlight project, don’t use my tool, use Microsofts ProjectLinker tool!

I’m leaving my tool up, suck as it may!

I’m leaving my tool up (as in, the CodePlex site will remain active), as an example to anyone who wants to programmatically change Visual Studio projects, parse the Visual Studio XML file (csproj) and such.

Mostly, I’m leaving it up as a testament to my folly, don’t ever trust dated research, do your homework or suffer the consequences!


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