All of a sudden, my Silverlight Application stops working

It’s happened several times, all of a sudden, my Silverlight Business Application stops working! When I hit F5, Mozilla comes up as usual – but the page is blank and there’s no error message – and no application. Sucks.

It happened just now as I re-checked out the entire project from the SVN source. Turns out that to fix it, all I have to do is select a startup page other than the Default.aspx page.

For some unknown reason, Default.aspx has become the startup page for my web application, and for some other unknown reason, that just isn’t good enough.

To correct the issue, I select another startup page (ImageEvolvatron.GuiTestPage.aspx) in the Solution Explorer, right click and select “Set As Start Page” and my application is good to go again.

Pointless, but one of those things you’ve got to learn, I guess;

If your Silverlight web application stops responding, try changing the “Start Page”


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