Download Stock Quotes, Free, Easy and with Source Code

Every once in a while, I need stock quotes for some idea I need to try out. There are several methods for downloading quotes that cost money – but the data is freely available from  Yahoo so I figured I’d use that.

Turns out that 93 rows of code is enough – and that includes downloading a list of Nasdaq stock symbols.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.IO;
using System.Net;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace Cluster.ConsoleApp
    public static class MinimalStockDownloader
        public static void DownloadStocks(string path)
            // Allows you to download more items in parallel
            ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = 10;
            List<string> symbols = GetStockSymbols();

            // Run in parallel - speeds things up considerably...
                symbol =>
                    Console.WriteLine("Downloading {0}: Working...", symbol);
                    string suri = string.Format(
                        string quotes = Get(new Uri(suri));
                        File.WriteAllText(path + @"\" + symbol + ".csv", quotes);                    
                    catch (Exception e)
                            "  Failed to download {0} with exception: \n{1}", 
                        "Downloading {0}: Done!", 

        public static List<string> GetStockSymbols()
            // You'll find a complete list of stocks at
            // referrred to by
            string stocksCsv = Get(new Uri(""));

            List<string> symbols = new List<string>();
            Regex regexObj = new Regex("^\"(.*?)\"", RegexOptions.Singleline | RegexOptions.Multiline);
            Match matchResult = regexObj.Match(stocksCsv);
            while (matchResult.Success)
                matchResult = matchResult.NextMatch();

            // First item is the text "Symbol".
            symbols = symbols.Skip(1).ToList();
            Console.WriteLine("Found {0} symbols", symbols.Count);
            return symbols;

        public static string Get(Uri address)
            Console.WriteLine("  Get {0}...", address);
            HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(address);
            request.CachePolicy = new System.Net.Cache.RequestCachePolicy(System.Net.Cache.RequestCacheLevel.CacheIfAvailable);

                using (WebResponse response = request.GetResponse())
                using (var stream = response.GetResponseStream())
                using (var reader = new StreamReader(stream, Encoding.Default))
                    return reader.ReadToEnd();

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