R.U.B.E physics test of Machinist level


I’m working on a game called Machinist and I found this awesome tool called R.U.B.E. that lets me graphically design stuff for the Box2D Physics Engine. If you wish to play with Box2D, I warmly recommend try to start with R.U.B.E.

Designing this level using rube took a few hours (I’d never used the tool before). Doing it in code would have been impossible, because those shapes are way to finicky.


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2 Responses to Machinist

  1. iforce2d says:

    Nice! The game is gonna let people build things like that? That would be cool!

    • mfagerlund says:

      Actually, the game will let people program components like that using visual programming. The level designer will build a puzzle where the players will will need to program the components to solve. I’ll drop you a note once I have something to show. R.U.B.E. is awesome for prototyping physics!

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