Speed up MVC Visual Studio Development

Whenever I work with Visual Studio doing MVC development, I find that starting the web-site from a recompile takes far too long. So I asked my pal Tobias why it’s so fast when he’s doing it. The answer
I don’t do a full rebuild and I don’t attach the debugger
  1. Press Ctrl-F5 to start the website without the debugger
  2. Use the browser
  3. If you make changes,
    1. hit Shift-F6 to compile and update only the project of the file you’re currently in.
    2. if the solution has focus, the entire solution is rebuilt
    3. hit F5 to update the browser with the changes.
  4. If you need to debug attach the debugger by pressing Ctrl+Alt+P

Thanks, Tobias. I’m writing this blogpost so I won’t have to ask you again!


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