Redust Site-Audit

I’m proud to announce that we’ve added a new tool to Redust called Redust Site-Audit. Redust Site-Audit is a tool that automates the process of repeatedly checking that your page is looking as good as possible to search engines.

Site-Audit will help you

  • Discover all pages on your site
  • Scan those pages for things that will lower your SERP (Search Engine Rank Page)
  • Generate a comprehensive report of what was found on your pages
  • Sort the pages from worst to best, so you’ll know what pages to start working on.

Read more about Site-Audit in this blog post.

Based on Redust SEO-Rules

Redust Site-Audit is based on Redust SEO-Rules, a tool that scans individual pages for SEO rule violations, but Site-Audit is intended for entire sites with tens of pages to thousands of pages.

Most importantly, Site-Audit will help you quickly and easily find violations that may harm your entire site;

  • Verify that the page hasn’t been flagged as malware by Google
    • This can happen if someone hacks your site or uploads bad code in an open forum)
    • Google will drop your page from it’s search result if this happens!
    • Google may punish your entire domain if this happens
    • Google may even drop your entire domain and all pages on your site
    • Firefox will refuse to open your page
  • Verify that the page hasn’t been flagged as phishing by Google
  • Verify that the page doesn’t link to any pages that have been flagged as malware or phishing by Google
    • Even if your page is clean, you’ll be guilty by association for linking
    • Google may punish the SERP for your entire domain if you link to bad pages
    • The linked page might have been safe when you added the link, but what if it’s been taken over by bad guys? How would you notice?
  • Verify that the page doesn’t contain offensive or derogatory language – even in the source code
  • Verify that the page doesn’t contain dead links to images/pages that have been removed